[Mono-devel-list] Forms guidance: m.w.f vs. s.w.f ?

Charlie Ford charlie_ford at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 29 14:47:54 EDT 2004

Hi -

    I want to try out a simple gui. I've got recent ("Mono JIT compiler 
version") bits. mcs isn't happy yet. Do I need an env 
variable or other configuration setting ?

    I've done as recommended in
http://www.mono-project.com/contributing/winforms.html#installation and 
indeed when I `make install` in mcs-1.1.1/class/Managed.Windows.Forms, I 
get a

System.Windows.Forms installed into the gac (/usr/local/lib/mono/gac)

   message, and I can compile & run "console" programs (no gui) with no 
   When I  try `man Form1.cs` I get:

Form1.cs(12) error CS0246: Cannot find type 'System.Windows.Forms.Form'

   and when I try `man ManForm.cs` I get:

ManForm.cs(12) error CS0246: Cannot find type 'Managed.Windows.Forms.Form'

  What does it take to get a  Form/Button/etc. ?

   I also tried Managed.Windows.Forms.System.Windows.Forms.Form just for 
fun, no soap.


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