[Mono-devel-list] ASP.NET and SQL SERVER 2000

falconn at free.fr falconn at free.fr
Wed Sep 22 04:41:18 EDT 2004

Thanks for your help Michael. Yes the SQL Server allows access by the default
port from my client. Changing the ServerName by the IP adress doesn't correct
the problem. The username/password I use is an sql server user and SQL server
allows both authentification. I really don't understand the problem. Should I
notice the problem by a bug report?

Selon "Michael J. Ryan" <tracker1_lists at theroughnecks.com>:

> Suggest it is an issue with the connection string, is MyServer resolving,
> does it allow for tcp access on the default port (1433) from your client IP
> address.. change MyServer to the IP, try telnetting in from the client on
> port 1433 to see if you can connect.. is the username/password a windows
> username/password, or an sql user.. if it is a windows user, you should
> allow for dual (windows and sql) authentication, and create the user on
> the database itself.

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