[Mono-devel-list] Smallest mono for embedded?

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Sep 21 12:08:56 EDT 2004

On 09/13/04 James Mansion wrote:
> Is it worth investigating mono for use in small systems?
> If I don't need any GUI support, but do need basic networking and XML (and
> the web server), how small an image could I get away with?

Without any tweaking:
$ ls -s /usr/local/bin/mono
1300 /usr/local/bin/mono
$ ls -s mscorlib.dll System.dll System.Xml.dll
968 System.Xml.dll   696 System.dll  1484 mscorlib.dll

So that's 4.5 MB of disk space. You need to add libglib if you don't
depend on it already (that's less than .5 MB).

Depending on your application needs, you can trim a lot of the code.
I'd say it would be trivial to get the complete requirements to less
than 4 MB and more work to get it under 3 MB (removing stuff such as
additional locales, COM/Marshal support, Crypto code, Decimal support,

As for runtime memory usage, I'd say 1 MB of mapped writable memory is 
needed for mono + the memory required by your app.
The runtime memory requirements could be trimmed with a bit of work,
too, we just didn't have the time to do it yet.


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