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Yes, I agree, that is more of an issue if you are intending to sell a
product based on GPL code.

However, I would think that you could pay them a fee and obtain the same
code under a different license 
if the time came to actually making money out of it.

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> If you have a look at the www.ByteFX.com and go to the data provider 
> tab, you'll see there that Reggie is now part of MySQL and the ByteFX 
> code is what he is developing for them.
> I don't see any reason why, given the work he's doing, you wouldn't 
> want to stick with his code, since I understand he is making sure that 
> it's mono compatible.
> Reggie has always been responsive to any issues that have arisen, and 
> I would hope that he is just as responsive these days, even though 
> he's probably got some other stuff to work on as well.
> Regards,
> Peter.

The licensing of MySQL makes it less than appealing for commercial use.  As
I mentioned in my first email, the license has changed from lgpl to gpl
meaning that any applications that use the MySQL connector become gpl'ed.
Here is the link to the connector downloads page:


Here is the GNU description of whether you can link or not:


Given this it seems very useful to maintain development of a lgpl MySQL


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