[Mono-devel-list] System.Web.Administration

Patricio Jutard patricio at jutard.com.ar
Thu Sep 16 11:18:58 EDT 2004

People: I'm currently working in this new 2.0 feature that would allow my
grandma to make professional sites in minutes and in Linux!!!

I have some issues I wanted to ask your opinion for:

1) MS implementation is based by default in MSAccess for now and in SQL
Server 2005 Express Edition in the Beta 2 or MS SQL Server as alternative
although they provide extensibility to allow custom data providers. Which
DataProvider should we provide by default? The advantages of Access and SQL
Express are that they are just files and that allows pure XCOPY deployment.

2) System.Web.Administration is based on System.Web.Hosting (with the new
2.0 features) and System.Web.Profile among other namespaces, is anyone
working on these?

3) The administration pages should maintain MS visual style? I don't think
so, but what I think is that they should maintain the same organization,
don't you think?

Any interested in helping me with this stuff?


Patricio Jutard.

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