[Mono-devel-list] How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

falkmilan at yahoo.de falkmilan at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 13 12:08:31 EDT 2004

Andy Satori wrote:

> Please, take this flame bait troll elsewhere.

I cant see a Flamewar. I have only posted Arguments and Facts and posted 
some official
Microsoft Sources, and then some one on the List feeling pissed of on 
it, thadts not
my Problem. Fact is Fact and wishing and beliving is a thing thadt sould 
be in a Church.

> First, this is a discussion of Mono development related issues, and 
> not a Java advocates list,
> many if not most of us on this list have Java experience in addition 
> to Mono/C#.

Yes. Iam two and so exactly knowing on what i  talking.

> Second, Sun is in no position to buy Novell right now.


Take a look of this.

  Sun Microsystems is toying with the idea of buying Linux seller 
Novell, saying that springing for the $2.64 billion company would hurt 
rival IBM.

> Third, Java is, at this point at as much risk of being orphaned as 
> Mono is.  At least C# is an ECMA standard, and the Mono code is OSS.  
> Java is neither, and

Wich People has telled you thadt Java is not OpenSource? What does it 
means if you talking about OpenSource???
The complete Java System and its Environment is completly Source Open 
and is licensed under the SUN Public
License. The main restriction on it is it to do not permit making non 
Standardcompatible Java Version like MS
has done with the Microsoft JVM.

Here, download the complete Java Source and port it to thadt Oeprating 
System you are wishing to have it on.

An GCC C/C++ is needed and buildtime is from 2 - 3 Days on FreeBSD and 
on Linux

> Sun is at as much risk, if not more, since Sun's revenue is falling 
> off, and the potential for it to return in the short term isn't very 
> good.

You are not right.  You are knowing what is J2EE? Java 2 Enterprise 
Editon. It is today the most running
Serversoftware Configuartion at IBM, BEA, SAP, ORACLE LOTUS, BORLAND and 
Apache Foundation.

Look at http://www.apache.org <http://www.apache.org>into the Jakarta 
Project, at Tomcat and some other Things.
Apache today has 85% Java Apps and 15% C/C++ right now.

What do you are telling the People?

> Fourth, Microsoft cannot at this point kill non-managed code, 

Of course, the allready doing it right now.
In an Interview with Rob Short an Windows Kernel Guru at Microsoft he 
was asked,
how much NT 4.0 Application want running on Windows Server 2003 and he 

Over 70% of all NT 4.0 Win32-API Applications want run on Windows Server 
there are a few Things to modify on existing Software to run also on 
this Windows.

Keep it in your mind :30% Apps (like Lotus Notes) are dont running 
untouched after Upgrade.

After the Release of Windows Server 2003 Windows XP SP2 was released and 
it is
based on the Work of Windows 2003 Server and some API and 
Memorymanagement things
was changed. As a Result, there was again some Applications thadt dont 
want work
with SP2 for WinXP but .NET Applications are untouched.

Ok, what happend if MS does again some changes? There are more and more
Software on Win32 thadt would not longer be running and would port to .NET
(logical Consequence and practive Experice into the Softwaremarket)

Jackpot: If the Crtitical Mass has decided to migrate to .NET, then MS 
can easly
cutoff Win32/Win64 Support and doing only things on .NET. At this Time 
Mono is
not longer wishing as willing Helper and it would be hard to follow on 
steps, programming all the things of Windows again for Mono.

> for that would in fact render your own arguments irrelevant, since 
> that would also effectively kill all legacy code, including vast 
> quantities of Microsoft code that corporate enterprise level companies 
> rely on.  At this point, Microsoft hasn't even had to time or 
> inclination to fix their Application Center software to *PROPERLY* 
> deal with Managed Code.  BizTalk just barely deals with Managed Code, 
> SQL Server as it's shipping doesn't either. Migrating those tools to 
> Managed Code is a project that will encompass the next 10 years at 
> Microsoft.

Where do you see any Problems?

MS is an Giant, and if new rleased was apaering on the MArket then it 
would be fine for MS,
thadt is what they doing years ago.

A Tip:

Read More News and check out what is up on .NET then you can save your 

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