[Mono-devel-list] How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

Nathan Neitzke neitz33a at erau.edu
Mon Sep 13 09:33:30 EDT 2004

I think you are mistaken.  WinFX will NOT run alongside the .NET Framework.

WinFX will run *within* the .NET framework.  It will be a *managed* API that
your application can use.  It must be understood that whether or not the
WinFX API makes native calls is *completely* transparent to the WinFX API
user.  They are just calling managed code as far as they are concerned.

If under mono the WinFX classes are implemented it doesn't matter what
operating system/windowing system/os api it calls to get the job done - just
that has the same interface as the WinFX API.

In other words, there is no reason why a .NET app written utilizing WinFX
couldn't be compiled against (with no source code changes) mono with a WinFX
implementation of its own.

WinFX is the same as ASP.NET, or Windows Forms that mono does today.  It is
just a *much* broader platform that expands on these previous technologies
and will take more time to implement.

Second, it doesn't matter whatsoever that MS.NET is untouchable - it is a
*GOOD* thing that it is being integrated so closely to the OS.  Why would I
say something so ridiculous?  Because the *more* Microsoft develops managed
code, and the *more* Windows developers use managed code - means all the
more apps that will run on Mono and Linux/Unix!  Not only that, but you can
easily develop for both platforms with the same skill set!

Take care.


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Nathan Neitzke wrote:

>I don't see why this is a problem.  In fact, I think it is more an
>opportunity.  It is an opportunity for Linux to have the *same* developer
>platform & API as windows creating cross-platform applications.  Sure, it
>will take a lot of work.  But you know what?  This could be the thing Linux
>needs.  I think it is what Miguel envisioned from the beginning, except

Hmm, i dont know how you see an Opportunity.

MS.NET will be untouchable integrated near the Systemcore,
you cannot ignore it , all Assemblies are automatically pointing to MS.NET.

MS.NET and the New OS-API WinFX (it is Managedcode) is also untouchable
integrated and cannot be removed. It want only run side by side with the 
.NET Runtime
and .NET want use many things inside from WinFX (its udividable).

<MS Statement>

WinFX will be included in Longhorn and we will make it broadly available 
for Windows XP and
Windows Server 2003. We've had substantial uptake on the .NET Framework 
- over 90M downloads
on Windows Update alone.

/John Montgomery, Director of Product Management, Developer Division, 
Microsoft/, August 2004



If the Win32-API Support one Day will be cutted off. no native 
Application (in Fact no
one Executable builded with Cygwin or any other native Compiler want 
longer run).

Microsfts Plan to make Software more secure is addressed to managed Code
(BufferOverflow Problem)

Durning this changes inside Windows there are many changes to the Win32-API
and the Windows Krnel was done. In an Interview o ZDNet there was an MS
Kernel Programmer (Rob Short) asked, what he think about WinXP SP2 and
Longhorn changes and he was asked about BAckward compatibility between
Windows 2003-Server and Windows NT 4.0

He said:

Almost up over 70% of all great Softwarepackages should run without changes
on Win 2003 Server, the tiniy might more better then the big Apppackages.

Aftter a time, there was SP2 for WinXP released and many People reporting
Trouble with compatibility with some Applications, because MS has done some
Memory and API Things.

(i had an nasty Idea)

MS wants make Win32-API more and more a crippe, thadt People jumping to .NET
so it is easyer for them to cut off Support one Day.

On MS WinHEC Meeting, there MS.NET People says, WinForms want to be remove


What's the relationship between Avalon and Windows Forms?

Avalon is Microsoft's future presentation platform for building windows 
and web applications, document,
and graphics content. It has world-class support for the latest graphics 
hardware, high-resolution monitors, and
a merged view of animation, bitmap graphics, video, and documents. When 
delivered, Avalon will become Microsoft's
strategic UI platform.

Windows Forms is Microsoft's current managed application UI and client 
framework with complete support and integration
with VS. Windows Forms delivers a powerful rapid application development 
experience which lowers cost of development
and time to market of smart client applications. Windows Forms also 
delivers the broadest reach and UI consistency for smart
client apps across currently supported Windows desktops. Developing 
Windows Forms based applications and adopting the
.NET framework is the best path to Avalon.

Microsoft believes that it is critical to deliver an incremental 
adoption strategy which allows developers to extend their existing
applications and seamlessly leverage Avalon functionality. There is no 
change in this strategy with today's announcement. Microsoft
will provide bi-directional interop services between Windows Forms and 

/John Montgomery, Director of Product Management, Developer Division, 
Microsoft/, August 2004



My Result:

If you cannot ignore .NET and WinFX as the only thing where Applications 
can run from
in Future (Longhorn comes 2006 thadt is a clear commitment from 
Microsoft) then Mono .NET
must be self a Application written in in Managed Code thadt runs itself 
as Guest inside the MS.NET
Host .NET VM.

I think on this Point things can be slowdown.

Today, i only work on Linux/Unix with C/C++ and Java and on Winoows only 
on Java and it looks
like thadt is the only Way for me and my Customers to have an 

SUN, BEA, ORACLE or Blackdown and Redhat are out there and writing JVM's 
for me and
on Longhorn SUN takes Care thadt there is one, so my investment in Java 
is sure.

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