Fwd: [Mono-devel-list] How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

John Bailo jabailo at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 13 02:26:35 EDT 2004

On Sunday 12 September 2004 05:59, falkmilan at yahoo.de wrote:
> Hi Monofolks,
> In the Last Days i hve reading some Microsoft stuff about, chaning
> WinForms to the new
> managed Code API called WinFX. WinFX includes an .NET Managed Windowing
> Toolkit and
> WinForms will be deprecated in Future (there are Statements on the
> WinHEC thadt Microsoft takes
> care for a Interoperatibility, but i dont know...).

Well, you should read more recent news.  WinFX has been scraped because M$ can 
barely get LongWait out the door.

> The New GUI Windowing System is based on XML (a Subinterpreation called
> XAML) and should
> allow more seamless Things between Documents and Application Windows or
> something like thadt.

We heard it all before.

> WinFX is integrated into Longhorn and it can be installed to WinFX and
> is Microsoft longterm
> Plan for .NET and Windows together (i think it is clear why they are
> doing thadt, to bring trouble
> to Mono)

mono comes with the Suse distro.   Novell could easily integrate mono.

> Anyway, the .NET Runtim and many Things from Longhorn would be
> rewritten  from C/C++ to C#
> and Managed Code. The .NET Runtime will be a integrated  Component
> inside the Operatingsystem
> and any other Programms should based ont it.
> I dont know what is up with the Win32-API but it looks like, thadt
> Microsoft will the Support cuttof after a Time.

Basically Microsoft realizes it has a garbage OS and is trying to make it as 
much like Linux as possible.

> The Webbrowser Internet Explorer will also as Webcomponets fully
> integrated with
> Windows Longhorn.

How much did Steve Ballmer pay you to write this email ?

> ps:
> I think MS will go on and make the Next Visual Studuio Version a Mix of
> WinFX and other
> Longhorn Technologies.If this comes true, then it cannot be run on Mono.
> The Only way is, to
> cover the complete WinFX API with all Sub API thadt are Close Source.
> Falk

Is that Falk, or Fake ?

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