[Mono-devel-list] How can Mono Existing if WinFX, Avalon, Indigio and Aero comes up with Longhorn and WinXP?

falkmilan at yahoo.de falkmilan at yahoo.de
Sun Sep 12 08:59:39 EDT 2004

Hi Monofolks,

In the Last Days i hve reading some Microsoft stuff about, chaning 
WinForms to the new
managed Code API called WinFX. WinFX includes an .NET Managed Windowing 
Toolkit and
WinForms will be deprecated in Future (there are Statements on the 
WinHEC thadt Microsoft takes
care for a Interoperatibility, but i dont know...).

The New GUI Windowing System is based on XML (a Subinterpreation called 
XAML) and should
allow more seamless Things between Documents and Application Windows or 
something like thadt.

WinFX is integrated into Longhorn and it can be installed to WinFX and 
is Microsoft longterm
Plan for .NET and Windows together (i think it is clear why they are 
doing thadt, to bring trouble
to Mono)

Anyway, the .NET Runtim and many Things from Longhorn would be 
rewritten  from C/C++ to C#
and Managed Code. The .NET Runtime will be a integrated  Component 
inside the Operatingsystem
and any other Programms should based ont it.

I dont know what is up with the Win32-API but it looks like, thadt Microsoft
will the Support cuttof after a Time.

The Webbrowser Internet Explorer will also as Webcomponets fully 
integrated with
Windows Longhorn.

I think MS will go on and make the Next Visual Studuio Version a Mix of 
WinFX and other
Longhorn Technologies.If this comes true, then it cannot be run on Mono. 
The Only way is, to
cover the complete WinFX API with all Sub API thadt are Close Source.


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