[Mono-devel-list] Problem while running test cases

Manjula G H M mmanjula at novell.com
Tue Sep 7 05:33:24 EDT 2004

We started running tests with daily builds to publish the results. But
due to hang problem we are not able to move forward and need to spend
one full day to interrupt and start it once again. Filled bugs #62129
and #62130 to keep track.  
Will continue this activity once the problem is fixed. Any volunteers

The following daily tests hang:
1) Under System.Drawing:
    - Rotate (All 3 distros)
    - LockBitMap (All 3 distros)
    - TestRegion.TestBounds (RH9)
    - TestRegion.TestCloneAndEquals (RH9)
    - TestCanConvertFrom (on RH9, SuSE)
    - TestJPegCodec.Save (on RH9, SuSE)
2) corlib (hangs occasionally):
    - System.Threading.ThreadTest.TestNestedThreads1 (on SuSE)
3) System.Runtime.Remoting :
    - TestInstanceSimple (RH9)
    - TestAbstractSimple (RH9)
    - TestInterfaceSimple (RH9)
4) System:
    - EndConnect (RH9)

In addition to these, tests for these components hang after generating

the output file :

1)  corlib
2)  Microsoft.JScript
3)  Microsoft.VisualBasic
4)  Npgsql
5)  System.Data
6)  System.Security
7)  System
8)  System.Web.Services
9)  System.Xml
10) Commons.Xml.Relaxng

In mbastests, the following hang almost always:

1) OverRideB (Fedora)
2) ClassTest.vb (SuSE)
3) EventE (SuSE)
4) EventF (SuSE)
5) AttributeC6 (Fedora)


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