[Mono-devel-list] Re: Improved and fixed mcs /doc patch

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Fri Oct 29 15:45:07 EDT 2004

Hi Marek,

>>>I love these tests. Just add comparison to makefile and it will be great.
>>Actually we can't. They are literally different. But we can still add
>>comparison code by using canonicalization or something else.
> I don't understand where is the problem, with line ending or somewhere else.

For example, <foo></foo> and <foo/>.

>>>It would be really good to have this CreateMemberComment inside of class derived from MemberCore instead of in the lexer.
>>>method.SetComment (xml_data);
> No, original idea was little different. Look at this.
> + if (Lexer.xml_comment_buffer.Length > 0)
> + e.Documentation = CreateMemberComment ("E:" + MakeName (e.MemberName));
> It seems to me that you are doing things that should be done inside a
> class outside. When I have operation that works just with class members
> why it is outside of class.

If you mean having setter of XmlElement outside MemberCore, it is
not so straight to dare avoid. cs-parser.jay uses XmlElement
tmpComment that is set to MemberCore in the later phase than creation.

If there is strong reason that I should review if all FixupDocument
works fine by modifying the signature to not have setter, including
possible future need of change wrt tokenization improvements,
I'llfix them (currently it sounds like kind of wasting time).

>>No. It is true only when /doc is passed to the command line
>>(otherwise that error should not be put).

> OK, but I thought that public virtual void FixupDocument (DeclSpace ds)
> is called only when RootContext.NeedDocument is true.;

Ah, true ;-)

>>mhm, didn't notice. Maybe having separate tests for warnings and
>>having option warnaserror would be nicer.
> No, I want to be sure that you didn't break any of error tests.

Ah, OK. But I've added some of them (included this time).

>>Code (with reorganizing tests) will follow, maybe tomorrow.

Sorry but actually am having wierd build problem on 2.0 System.dll
for a while (something weird still happens) and forgot this one.

I wonder if I still had better not to commit the changes.

Atsushi Eno

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