[Mono-devel-list] Ugly SqlDataAdapter behaviour

Aleksandar Dezelin dezelin32 at fastmail.fm
Wed Oct 27 13:48:15 EDT 2004


I've just reported a bug (Bug 68804) regarding SqlDataAdapter. It hangs 
a test application in a call to method Fill when the table columns are 
mixed of strings and guids and a NULL value occures in the Guid typed 
column. This bug is mission critical to the project I'm working on, so I 
want to try fixing this error by myself. Does anybody have an idea from 
where to start looking? I've found a similar bug report regarding 
DateTime value conversion and it was in the file "DateContainer.cs".

P.S. One more question: how should I debug System.Data classes without a 
debugger? Does .NET debugger serve any purpose?

Best regards,
Aleksandar Dezelin

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