[Mono-devel-list] Compilation/Build Problem under Monodevelop

Max Giesbert MGiesbert at DAVID-GmbH.de
Mon Oct 25 11:44:50 EDT 2004

Hello List,


i am quite new to Mono as well as .Net.


After installing Monodevelop 0.5.1 under Red Hat Fedora Core 2 via RedCarpet
together with Mono 1.1.1 I ran into the following Problem.


In Monodevelop after pressing the compile/build button i get the message
that there were no errors/everything suceeded. But after pressing the run
button a window pops up with a message like 

"cannot find assembly MYPROJECTPATH/bin/Debug/HelloWorld.exe


..press any key to continue..."


I am using the HelloWorld.cs example file that is generated when creating a
new console project.


Can anyone help?


Is there another mailing-list especially for Monodevelop?






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