[Mono-devel-list] Mono 1.0 ASP.NET "missing update" Src/Codebehind behaviour

Sebastian Nowozin nowozin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 00:38:30 EDT 2004

Hello everybody,

I am running Mono 1.0.2 with mod_mono and xsp 1.0 to serve it on
Debian/sid with the readymade packages. The configuration and included
ASP.NET examples work, however, I experience a strange behaviour when
working with Codebehind pages.

I am not sure its a bug or misunderstanding on my side, therefore I post here.

Lets take the attached example, a simple button in test.aspx which is
wired to a .cs file called Test.cs.

The Test.cs file is intentionally broken.  You can copy both files to
some ASP.NET enabled directory and go to the test.aspx file in your
browser. It will correctly complain about the syntax error in the
Test.cs file, which you can easily fix by removing the "bug" line.

However, now if you go to the test.aspx file again in your browser,
the same bug is still complained about, although the underlying file
is clearly fixed. The mono ASP.NET does not seem to recognize an
updated file refered to by a Src attribute in the Page directive.

You can verify the file works by changing the Src to Src="Test2.cs"
and copying the fixed file to Test2.cs. Then it works.

Is there some fundamental point I am missing, or should I file a bug report?
Is it possible to reference a .dll file using the Page directive
instead of a source file, so I could manually update the dll everytime
I edit files?

Thanks in advance,
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