[Mono-devel-list] Sitting on the fence

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Oct 24 16:31:38 EDT 2004


> > > 1. I need a Swing replacement. Is the new managed SWF exactly what I'm looking 
> > > for?
> > 
> > Not now, but maybe eventually.  The Managed SWF is incomplete, but
> > should be complete by Mono 1.2 (whenever that is).
> > 
> > However, many people find SWF to be very limiting -- explicit positional
> > layout, not i18n aware, etc.  It works with .NET, but that's the only
> > benefit to SWF.
> System.Windows.Forms has i18n support, in fact, the same support that
> the Windows that you are running has. If you have Windows XP, you have a
> decent support for I18N. All the controls also have a right to left
> property.

What Jonathan meant is that in Windows.Forms the support for I18n
applications is fairly poor when compared to Gtk+.  The
constrained-based layout of Gtk+ comes in very handy when you cope with
larger fonts than the system where the application was developed or when
the application is translated.

Some features exist to cope with this in Windows.Forms, but they are an
afterthought (the docking property helps a bit and in .NET 2.0 there are
tables), but they are far from Gtk's packing.

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