[Mono-devel-list] Monos development path

rolfy at rolfy.id.au rolfy at rolfy.id.au
Sat Oct 23 21:33:01 EDT 2004

Hi there,

I've looking at mono over the last few days, and trying to wrap my head around 
all the information that there is about it.

One of the interesting points that was brought up is that the 
System.Windows.Forms library is emulated through wine under NIX because of 
the fact that System.Windows is very much oriented towards M$ Windows, and 
fair enough.

Given this, would it not be a logical extension of the .NET class heirachy to 
then implement:
System.KDE3 (or System.QT?)
or maybe:

or something?  I know that this would mean that these clases may not be 
available my the M$ distribution, but given that monos support for 
System.Windows is through emulation, this would kind of make sense.  If you 
are in a win32 environment, you could load System.Windows, and if you are in 
KDE you would load System.KDE3 (or whatever it ended up as...)

GTK is currently cross platform, as is QT and wxWindows, so this could be an 
extension that can get installed under win32 into the .NET runtimes, so that 
Nix developed applications would be truly cross platform, where as if a 
developer chose to develop with, say, the System.Windows library, their 
target audience would be limited to Win32, with emulation support on other 

This idea is probably not a new one (I'm a new subscriber, but couldn't find 
it similar ideas in a google, so maybe it hasn't been in the discussions)... 
I was wondering if this idea had been pondered, and if so - why it had been 
knocked on the head?



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