[Mono-devel-list] 'Default' not found in Mono.GeneratedSerializers.Literal.GeneratedReader

Joseph Griffin overacliff at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 16:57:12 EDT 2004

Visual Studio is refusing to add a web reference to the XSP web server on the sample TestService.asmx that ships with Mono 1.0.2. I've looked closely at the two (one generated by Visual Studio and the other by Mono) wsdl documents - they seem to be the same. The error message by Visual Studio is that there was an error in generating the XML document. This document has to be the wsdl document. The Mono web service previews as it should in Visual Studio - it just refuses to add it to the project. Here is the complete error message:
Error while compiling generated serializer C:\APath\Temp\tmp3986f9e5(771,0): error CS0103: The name `Default' could not be found in `Mono.GeneratedSerializers.Literal.GeneratedReader'
I'm also querying the MSDN newsgroups for an answer. I'm wondering what HTTP message is being sent to XSP when the "add web reference" button is pressed. I checked IIS's log entries- they look all right:
19:48:46 GET /junk/Service1.asmx 200
Is there something else going on?
Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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