[Mono-devel-list] Re: Mono on Windows HOWTO

Doug Holton d.holton at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Oct 20 19:44:03 EDT 2004

> So how do I find the gtk-sharp assembly or see what assemblies are installed?

I wrote a little about that on the bottom of this page:

The dlls you need are under these folders:
C:\Program Files\Mono-1.0.2\lib\mono
you'll probably want all the ones in this folder:
C:\Program Files\Mono-1.0.2\lib\mono\gtk-sharp
C:\Program Files\Mono-1.0.2\lib\mono\1.0.
C:\Program Files\Mono-1.0.2\bin

I just copied the ones I needed into the same folder as my source files 
and exe, but you could also add those directories to your PATH.

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