[Mono-devel-list] Presentation for Microsoft Belgium about Mono

Philip Van Hoof spamfrommailing at freax.org
Mon Oct 11 04:14:16 EDT 2004

Hi there Mono community,

This week Friday (15th) Gert Driesen and me (Philip Van Hoof) will do a
presentation about Mono at Microsoft Belgium (location: Diegem,

If you can help us with one of the topics that we will be discussing
during this session, you are welcome. 

Our detail agenda:

Part 1, Opensource. By Philip Van Hoof en Gert Driesen (60 minutes)
	(they asked us to talk about this, and we felt okay with that)

  o. What is Microsoft doing with OpenSource at this moment and how does
     the opensource community feels about this (subjective)
  o. Why isn't Mono using Rotor
  o. How does the opensource community think/feel about Microsoft in
     general (subjective)

Part 2, Nant + ASP.NET & Mono. By Gert Driesen (30 minutes)

  o. Presentation about Mono (roadmap, etc)
  o. Presentation about Nant
  o. Presentation about ASP.NET with Mono
     o. Using some well known ASP.NET applications with Mono
  o. Used IDE: Monodevelop

Part 3, Mono in de praktijk. By Philip Van Hoof (30 minutes)

  o. Gtk-Sharp
  o. Glade-Sharp (One demo application)
  o. GConf-Sharp (One demo application)
  o. Used IDE: Monodevelop
  o. Possible: using a .NET webservice and displaying it in a Gtk-Sharp

Part 4, Q and A. Philip Van Hoof and Gert Driesen (xx minutes)

If you feel that we should bring up a specific issue: contact us.

Philip Van Hoof, Software Developer @ Cronos
home: me at freax dot org
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org
work: philip dot vanhoof at cronos dot be
junk: philip dot vanhoof at gmail dot com
http://www.freax.be, http://www.freax.eu.org

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