[Mono-devel-list] rpm packaging from CVS

Brett Lentz (Excell Data Corporation) a-blentz at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 8 18:49:56 EDT 2004

Thanks for the update.

However, I'm curious about the potential problems with how these specs
define the Provides and Requires elements.

In every spec, they Provide a 'ximian-foo' package, yet the Requires
simply indicates package 'foo'.

For example, fedora-2-i386-mono.spec says:

	%package -n mono-runtime-devel 
	Provides:	ximian-mono-runtime-devel 

And fedora-2-i386-gtksourceview-sharp.spec says:

	BuildRequires:	mono-runtime-devel

Won't this have rpm complaining about missing/wrong dependencies at
install time because the semantics aren't consistent?


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On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 19:45 -0400, Duncan Mak wrote:
> I'll update the packagers page ASAP.

The packagers page has been updated.

Duncan Mak <duncan at ximian.com>

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