[Mono-devel-list] Mono Class Library Status

Thomas Winkler tom at qwws.net
Thu Oct 7 09:46:04 EDT 2004


I'm somewhat new to Mono (planing to develop for ARM - thanks Miguel for you 
help with my problem), so my question might be a repeating one.

It's about the Mono Class Library: How complete is it in Mono 1.0.2? The old 
Mono website had a "class status page" but I could not find it anymore on the 
current mono website.
The second question is about class documentation: The mono class documentation 
seems to be a little incomplete ("To be added" all ober the map). Is the 
MSDN .NET class documentation a good point to start from or will I stumble 
from one trap to the other due to differences and imcompletness between 
the .NET and the mono library?

Thanks for you help,
Thomas Winkler
e-mail: tom at qwws.net

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