[Mono-devel-list] Is the cvs server coughing?

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Oct 5 18:47:45 EDT 2004


> i don't get it: is that a justification for the pathetic
> uptime/reliability we have been seeing on anoncvs lately? that the
> 'developers' use another server? hmm, okay...

Come on, that's unfair.

Being a server admin at work, I can say from first hand experience that
server problems can be down to a million and one reasons. By the looks
of it, the Spanish anon server is coming under a hell of a lot of strain
- massively strained.

Please also remember that anoncvs is provided outside of Novell. As it's
a voluntary service, the amount of time and space given over may be
enough to take up the slack on the server itself - the Spanish server
may be a case in point, they have enough capacity for (say) 500
connections at any one time - over that and it exceeds a bandwidth
limit, so it's limited.

I would guess the developers use the server at Novell. That will then be
rsync'd to the anoncvs servers a couple of times a day by a script.

> i might not have cvs commit, but (before all the cvs problems started
> recently) i did try to keep my install up to date / test stuff / file
> bug reports / submit patches / etc. 

As do I. On 3 machines. It's a pain that the only working cvs server is
being hammered by so many users. But then again, it's very encouraging
that it is happening as it gives an idea of the popularity of the

> it would be nice for us non-developers out here if anoncvs were as
> reliable as the server reserved for the real developers... 

As Miguel has said, he and I are working together to use the one at
Salford Uni to provide more bandwidth and more capacity for downloads.
As and when that is ready, I'm sure Miguel will make an announcement.


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