[Mono-devel-list] rpm packaging from CVS

Bryan Smant bryan at stg.com
Mon Oct 4 10:27:12 EDT 2004

I have a recent (9/21/2004) snapshot of the mono cvs repository, which
builds and functions correctly. I am trying to package it into an RPM.
When I run rpmbuild using the spec file provided on the project mono
website, I get several errors relating to missing files. Several of the
supposedly missing files are man pages where the filename in the spec
file does not have .gz at the end, however, there are also missing
.dlls, and other files during packaging. Am I setting things up
correctly? Is there an updated spec file that reflects changes made in
the CVS tree since the spec files were posted? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bryan Smant                     Software Technologies Group, Inc
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