[Mono-devel-list] XSP freeze

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Mon Oct 4 08:28:42 EDT 2004

> We are running 3 separate Web Service applications under a single
> instance of XSP. It runs fine up to a point then hangs. If we stop the
> client hammer, wait a few seconds, then restart it, then XSP continues
> allow connections into our applications.

Can you isolate this down to a simple test case (eg, a zip file and say
`hammer these three files with this request')? Otherwise there is not much
we can do.

> Any advice for how to make XSP run better would be most welcome.
There was a major XSP leak that we caught since the latest release of the
1.0.x series. If you want to do stress testing, I'd recommend you run
1.0.x from cvs (mono-1-0 branch). Also, 1.1 or HEAD is going to have much
better performance (on an .ashx page, about 5x faster).

-- Ben

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