[Mono-devel-list] some mcs errors fixes

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Fri Oct 1 04:42:11 EDT 2004


Marek Safar <marek.safar at seznam.cz> writes:

>>John Luke <john.luke at gmail.com> writes:

>>>Some of the error tests in mcs/errors are reporting the wrong error
>>>because they either need to use -t:library or have a Main method.  The
>>>attached patch adds one or the other depending on the test (sometimes
>>>the compiler option would fail).  It makes one test pass and adds 19
>>>tests to mcs-expect-no-error.  Is this ok to commit?
> I hope this is little misunderstanding.

Not that I know of :-)

> Compilation of every single file
> in this directory have to cause an error.
> So, I am not sure whether this patch is useful.
> Problem is that mcs compiler has not implemented all errors report and
> this is the reason why exist *-expect-* files..

Yes.  However I believe there's a distinction between 'wrong-error' and
'no-error'.  'wrong-error' is less serious because we _do_ complain: we
just don't complain the same way as CSC.  'no-error' is more serious
since we accepts wrong code.

The cases John identified were spuriously reporting wrong-error just
because we lacked a Main method.  These cases are more serious than they
appeared to be.

- Hari

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