[Mono-devel-list] RAPGO Proposal

Andrew agomez at wke.es
Tue Nov 30 08:39:14 EST 2004

Jonathan Pryor escribió:
> <snip/>
>>The other thing is that you can't catch C++ exceptions thrown in P/I 
>>code by using a C-only approach.. Yes, I know that this is not
> supported 
>>by mono, but somehow I thought adding this feature would be
> interesting. 
>>Currently mono just gets terminated by the C runtime if a C++
> exception 
>>is thrown in native P/I code because no exception handler can be
> found..
> In theory, you're possibly correct.  In practice, you're not. :-)
> The problem is that on most platforms the C++ ABI isn't standardized.
> Consequently, you can't link object code generated by different C++
> compilers together.  Consequently, Mono could only handle C++ exceptions
> generated by the same C++ compiler used to compile Mono.

Is this someway related to writing portable C++ code?
If yes, how could fit the following document on this subject?

URL: http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/portable-cpp.html



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