[Mono-devel-list] Strong name validation failed for assembly 'corlib'.

Sébastien Pouliot spouliot at videotron.ca
Fri Nov 26 10:04:09 EST 2004

Hello Aleksander,

> I'm compiling Mono corlib.dll and System.dll using csc to try debug
> something, but when I run  a simple test application  that references
> nothing but System.dll and corlib.dll, test app. throw an exception that
> says:
> Strong name validation failed for assembly 'corlib'.
> How can I add strong name to corelib.dll so It doesn't throw this
> exception?

It depends on which runtime you'll be executing it (because both assemblies
are signed with the ECMA "key").

If you're using the Makefile (changing the compiler variable) then
assemblies should be signed correctly to work with the Mono runtime. If
you're not using the Makefile you will need to run the Mono's version of the
"sn" tool with the "mono.snk" key on both assembly.

If you plan on executing them on the MS runtime you'll need to turn off
strongname verification for the ECMA public key token (not very good

Sebastien Pouliot
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