[Mono-devel-list] Need some guidelines regarding submitting test cases

Sureshkumar T tsureshkumar at novell.com
Wed Nov 24 01:37:34 EST 2004

> If I want to add to an existing test class - for example,
> mcs/class/System.Data/Test/System.Data/DataColumnTest.cs, should I just
> add myself to the copyright notice and throw in code?  Or is it better
> to submit a new class?

If you are adding a test case for say DataColumn, it is advisable to add
to DataColumnTest.cs. If you are writing test cases for a new class, you
can write in a new file. please read the contributing section for mono


If your test suite is more significant in testing the functionality of
the class, you can add your name to the authors list. Anyway, your
contributions should be mentioned in the ChangeLog entries and commit
logs. It is important to read the document
http://www.mono-project.com/contributing/svnwrite.html about the

Also, please follow the coding conventions mentioned under the cvs tree

> If I want to add a new check to an existing method, is it best to take
> the next available assertion number (for example, "DC78") or to try and
> squish a new number into the test case (for example, "DC8.5")?

please follow the same convention used by the original author.


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