[Mono-devel-list] How to build a project in mono

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Tue Nov 23 05:18:14 EST 2004

sujith s wrote:

>My requirement is like this. I have one.Net project
>written in C#. It has a solution file (.sln)and a
>.csproj file which contains details about the files
>that are in the project. When I say build '.csproj'
>using C# compiler it would compile all the files and
>generate the assembly. I want to know the equivalent
>tools and procedures in mono.
>I downloaded the core and compiler.
>I am able to compile the files as "mcs file1.cs
>file2.cs -r depend1.dll".But since my project is very
>big, I don't want to do like this. I want to create a
>project (equivalent to .csproj) from all my source
>files and say build the project. Please let me know
>how to achieve this. Or please point me to some
>samples or links.
There is a tool called prj2make-sharp that can take C# Projects and 
solutions written with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and either generate a 
make files for gmake/nmake or can export to the equivalent 
project/solution description files that our community IDE MonoDevelop, 
can consume.

While talking about MonoDevelop I would recommend using it if you have 
access to one of it's supported platforms.  It is a modern IDE with most 
of the project amenities (things like code completion, color coded 
syntax highlighting, integrated help, and more).  You can import you 
Visual Studio .NET 2003 solutions/projects into MonoDevelop from it's 
File menu.

Here are some links that may be usefull:



On these Novell Forge links look for the Docs section on the menu bar:




Must see presentation from Erik Dasque (in OpenOffice/Star Office format):


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