[Mono-devel-list] How to build a project in mono

sujith s sujiths_s at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 04:45:52 EST 2004

Hello all,
I am a beginner in mono.
My requirement is like this. I have one.Net project
written in C#. It has a solution file (.sln)and a
.csproj file which contains details about the files
that are in the project. When I say build '.csproj'
using C# compiler it would compile all the files and
generate the assembly. I want to know the equivalent
tools and procedures in mono.
I downloaded the core and compiler.
I am able to compile the files as "mcs file1.cs
file2.cs -r depend1.dll".But since my project is very
big, I don't want to do like this. I want to create a
project (equivalent to .csproj) from all my source
files and say build the project. Please let me know
how to achieve this. Or please point me to some
samples or links.


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