[Mono-devel-list] torrent#

Andrew agomez at wke.es
Mon Nov 22 08:09:51 EST 2004

Duncan Mak escribió:
> Hello Roberto,
> On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 13:00 -0300, Roberto Carvajal wrote:
>>I've started a little project to learn about Mono and C#, it's a
>>BitTorrent client, I only have some GUI for now and I'm looking for a
>>lib to parse the metainfo and get a torrent information, perhaps that
>>implements the protocol too..
>>I've found several attempts to do this in many languages but I can't
>>find a C# lib for this..
> I started working on an implementation of BitTorrent in C# with a friend
> last week. We plan on implementing the WebRequest / WebResponse classes.
> The project is still in a very early / preliminary stage, we only worked
> on it for a few hours last weekend.
> I'll update the list when we get something working.

Let me make a suggestion for both of you: design the program so
it could run in background (like mldonkey does) instead of depending on
the UI (like eMule does).



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