[Mono-devel-list] Mono replacing GCC ?

Bojan Antonovic bojan at antonovic.com
Sun Nov 21 13:06:04 EST 2004

As history showed, one can write a compiler in language X so that it 
compiles every program, including itself (!), to native code. Therefore 
the question:

Is it possible to have all development tools fully in C# and autark of 
any other language like C or C++ ?

People forgot that Basic, Oberon, Pascal, Eiffel, Ada and many many 
other could and can do that. They mean that C and C++ are so good 
because of historical resons and you can create fast programs. Not so!

I think a language should make its final test (it could be Java too), to 
become indepentent of compilation and runtime of any other.

You doubt? Wirth created an OS in Oberon, and students had to receice a 
written permission for all few assembler commands! And Oberon was also 
used on a "modern" Pentium II machine. So it would fully be possible.

The last step would be to kick out everything out of a kernel to managed 
userland! Bunch of tuning options would avoid a performance desaster and 
deliver a by default robust system!

Any plans for that?


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