[Mono-devel-list] XSP and 3rdparty DLLs

Simon Bain sibain at tendotzero.com
Sun Nov 21 05:25:10 EST 2004


I maybe completely wrong here :-).

But my understanding is that a web service is exactly that a service and
as such is unable to interact "directly" with any user interface layer. It
can be called from an interface Web, GUI etc, and pass back info to that
interface but not actually interact directly. IE not open dialogs etc. You
would have to pass to it the parameters that are required so that it is
then able to pass these to the other services with which it interacts.

Generally a Web Service is run on a seperate computer to the user
interface so to have it open a dialog on that PC will be a little
pointless as the user would not know it was there, also on a large use
server you would end up having many hundreds of dialogs open on the
server. Assuming that the server actually has an interface loaded that is
able to accept dialogs.

So are you able to reroute this requirement and take the info and pass it
to the user interface and then take the parameters from that and pass them
back to the 3rd party dll? If not then you may have to rethink the make up

Simon Bain
XML 2004 Conference Speaker:- e-Voting

> I forgot,
> the 3rdparty dll tries to open an input form where i have to login at
> another service to use the 3rdparty DLL's functionality.
> could that be the problem? can an 3rdparty dll not open dialogs when used
> in
> a webservice? can a webservice open a dialog on the server?
> thanks,
> regards,
> ulrich
>> Hi,
>> XSP is great. WSDL is great. Mono is great. I love it.
>> Well, most of the time ;-)
>> I wrote a webservice and quite some business logic but now i am facing a
>> small problem and i am a bit stuck.
>> 3rdParty DLLs don't want to initialize when referenced from within an
>> xsp
>> container. The 3rdParty dlls i am using always bail out with an
>> "internal
>> initialization error". When i start the webservice as a standalone
>> application, these libs work.
>> Sorry for the short description, but has someone a possible explanation
>> for
>> me?
>> Many thanks in advance,
>> Ulrich
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