[Mono-devel-list] What do I do with all this code? Was [Mono.AppServer]

tont tont at o2.ie
Sat Nov 20 13:36:06 EST 2004

OK Folks
             I have the first cut off the Load Balancer integrated with 
             I have fixed a RemotingApplication error that stopped 
remoting working and
            I have also upgraded the web application host to use the CVS 
version of the XSP server.
           I now have 4 new projects
*              Collects performance data from the machine it is hosted on
             and broadcasts it on multicast.
             *CollectorApplication **uses the System.Diagnostics 
namespace and will NOT work on Mono Yet ;-((*.
            Can someone tell me when this will be or can I be of any 

*             Collects multicast messages from collectors and
            forwards it on to the machine store
*             A Remoting object that stores all the latest performance 
counts for all the machines
              and dishes out the best machine when a request comes in.

*            Listens for requests from clients and maps them to the best 
            There is no server affinity in this version.

            *Can someone tell me what to do with this code.
            (Only clean suggestions pls ;-))*


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