[Mono-devel-list] torrent#

Roberto Carvajal rcarvajal at loko.cl
Fri Nov 19 11:00:49 EST 2004

Hey there monkeys ;)

I've started a little project to learn about Mono and C#, it's a
BitTorrent client, I only have some GUI for now and I'm looking for a
lib to parse the metainfo and get a torrent information, perhaps that
implements the protocol too..

I've found several attempts to do this in many languages but I can't
find a C# lib for this..


This is the closest project but it seems that there's no code yet..

there is also a torrentclass written in VB..


it won't work for me under mono..

I'm writing here for some help, maybe someone is doing the same, or can
give some ideas..

Basically i wan't a lib to parse metainfo from a torrent file, anyone
knows some other project that can help me to write the client?

Thank you all!

Sorry for my english, soy un mono de habla hispana :)

Roberto Carvajal
loko.cl - core developer/sysadmin
creativa.cl - web developer
archlinux.org - packager/mantainer

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