[Mono-devel-list] Installer Mono 1.1.2, Gtk# 1.0.4, 1.9with P reviews for Win32

Ramalingam, Sankar sankar.ramalingam at csfb.com
Thu Nov 18 16:49:56 EST 2004

Thanks Paco and Simon.

The problem was in registry.
My Computer\HKCU\Environment\TMPDIR  was C:/TEMP
After changing it I should have restarted the xsp server.
Sorry My fault.

After changing it to c:\Documents and Settings\... http://localhost:8088/
comes up correctly.

However, I run into another problem. (Does not look like install prob.)
Very often I get the following error:
Server error
Your client sent a request that was not understood by this server.

For ex. 
	sometime clicking the button in button.aspx reproduces this error.


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Simon Bain wrote:

>Sankar hi.
>If you have IIS 6 try running the app through that to see what MS does
>with it.
>It does very much too me sound like a permissions issue, however as you
>say the directory is being created...
Simon, that is good advice.  Also, try using Mono 1.0.4 from the Mono or 
the Novell Forge site and try doing it with its copy of xsp.  That could 
be illustrative as well.

Thanks Simon. :)


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