[Mono-devel-list] e-Voting Software

Simon Bain sibain at tendotzero.com
Wed Nov 17 18:15:50 EST 2004


Just a quick note to let the community know that our e-Voting software
code is being made open source. I announced this today in a press release
at the XML conference.

So what I hear you shout :-)

Well as the press release states it has been ported from C++ to C# and
compiled using Mono. (Thank you all for creating Mono).

There are 2 main bits to the code base (excluding UI) and that is a Web
Service wihich talks to the user interface and also an Application Server.
A seperate Web Service which itself talks indirectly to the databases,
(Voter, Candidate, Vote etc).

encryption is built in between the 2 web services and also from the 2nd
web service and the databases.

I will be placing the code on sourceforge next week, when I get back to
the office.

If any of you is interested in e-Voting whteher it be National Government,
Municiple, or within non governmental organisations, let me know. I reall
would like a good community going in this area, as it is pretty important.
The C++ codse was used in the UK elections last year to great effect.
Accross the Internet, Interactive Digital TV and others.

Any way just a quick note as I have said.

Simon Bain
XML 2004 Conference Speaker:- e-Voting

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