[Mono-devel-list] MONO JIT has been changed since v0.25?

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Nov 15 03:53:01 EST 2004

On 11/13/04 Okehee Goh wrote:
> My mono version is still 0.25 and 0.26.
> With typing "mono --version", it shows "Mono JIT compiler version 0.25."

You need to install a new version, we are at mono 1.0.4 for the stable release
and at 1.1.2 for the development release.

> version of JIT or version of MONO itself? I mean, Has JIT itself
> (compilation and optimization technique..) been updated a lot since
> 0.25 and 0.26?

Yes. The new jit that was talked about at the 0.2x time is now the
jit that is distributed in mono.

> How about MINT? The size of interp.c in both versions(0.25 and 1.0.4)
> is different. Is MINT still being evolved?

The interpreter has been updated, but people should not depend on us
maintaining it. Using mint is only sensible on ARM and hppa, but people
interested in running mono on those architectures should invest
their time doing or helping with the jit port. The new jit has been ported
to ppc, sparc, sparc64, s390 and amd64 already.


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