[Mono-devel-list] Mono.Data.SqliteClient

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Wed Nov 10 19:50:54 EST 2004

It works on mono on windows from cvs HEAD for me.

And it works on .net 1.1 on windows from cvs HEAD.

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I spent about 2 hours yesterday doing some hacking to 
Mono.Data.SqliteClient to add sqlite3 support.

The initial hooks are done and attached in the following diff.

Mono.Data.SqliteClient still supports version 2 as well; there is 
another ConnectionString argument version=(int), if version=3 it'll use 
3, otehrwise it'll use 2.

The testsuite in M.D.SqliteClient passes with this patch.

The other change to the sqlite2 code is removing the use of sqlite_exec 
with the callback, and using sqlite_compile/sqlite_step instead.  This 
masks an issue on ppc introduced by BenMs patch (which I still need to 
bugzilla/investigate fully) and should allow M.D.SqliteClient to work 
on Windows (it currently causes a fatal engine execution error).

If someone could test on windows (ms.net) it would be appreciated.


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