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Angel Marin anmar at gmx.net
Wed Nov 10 14:09:20 EST 2004


I've been working on a native win32 build of mod_mono (for apache
2.0.52). Initially it's been easy, apr_ize a couple of things, ifdefs
for other few and it compiled. :)

(If someone wants the patch or the binary for testing I'll put it
somewhere for download)

Apache starts well, mod-mono-server.exe is started by hand (to avoid
porting the fork part), and requests are compiled and executed without
problems. But once a post back is done the attached (see exception.txt)
exception is thrown to browser. mod-mono-server console says nothing
(run with --verbose)

First I thought that as it was too simple to make it compile, it would
need more work. But then I pointed the mod_mono configuration to a
mod-mono-server.exe instance running on a linux box, and strangely it
works perfectly well :?

So ... May be there are strange interactions between cygwin sockets and
win32 native ones, or there may be some bug in mono, or in aprlib, or I
need to work more on mod_mono code ...

Thoughts ?

Angel Marin
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