[Mono-devel-list] Assembly resolution for monop

Duncan Mak duncan at ximian.com
Wed Nov 10 05:23:24 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 00:26 -0500, John Luke wrote:
> You can specify either the full path to an assembly, or the full
> AssemblyName to load a specific version (at least it should work with
> monop).  I agree it would be nice to make it easier. Perhaps by
> default you get the latest possible version visible to monop, and
> there is a version option where you restrict it by 1.X or 1.2.X etc. 
> Although, the reflection API doesn't seem to provide an easy way to do
> this if I remember correctly.
> monop -r:gtk-sharp (gives you latest in GAC)
> monop -r:gtk-sharp -version:1 (gives you latext 1.x)
> monop -r:gtk-sharp -version:1.0 (gives you latext 1.0.x)

I think what I found out this afternoon is that [1], the 'latest' in GAC
is always the oldest version of an assembly, which is not really the
most intuitive behavior.

[1] see
Duncan Mak <duncan at ximian.com>

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