[Mono-devel-list] New version of C#Shell

Mads Lindstrøm mads_lindstroem at yahoo.dk
Sun Nov 7 14:21:35 EST 2004


I have made a new version of C#Shell. Please try it and comment. It can
be downloaded from

The changes are:

- Add/Remove .dlls, namespaces, and paths. Before it was hard-coded
which .dlls you could use classes from.
- Started using Doxygen to document the project.
- Unit tested the AutoCompletion, DllAndNamespaceHandling, Help, Set,
and ShellCommands classes.
- There is now a limited auto-completion feature.
- Made a command history tab.
- Started using GtkSourceView.
- Clear command. To delete variables.
- Cleaned up a lot of code.
- Help on each build-in command, via a help function.


Mads Lindstrøm

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