[Mono-devel-list] [patch] URL Rewrite problem

Denis Gervalle dgl at softec.st
Thu Nov 4 18:57:29 EST 2004


you have recently (in 1.0.4) apply a useful patch to distinguish 
properly Request.FilePath and Request.CurrentExecutionFilePath. This 
have had some unexpected side effects:
    - URL rewriting (Context.RewritePath) does not work anymore due to a 
wrong calculation of Request.PhysicalPath. An HttpException is thrown in 
    - the computation of the Action property of HtmlForm (and 
consequently the action attribute of a web form) is no more appropriate 
and does not produce expected result when URL rewritting is used 
(especially, when this rewritting stay hidden by using 2 rewrites)

You will find attached 2 patch proposals that should fix these issues. 
Since I have no CVS access, after your careful review, could you also 
check them in.


Denis Gervalle    

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