[Mono-devel-list] Automated builds

Fawad Halim fawad at fawad.net
Fri May 14 10:27:36 EDT 2004

Hi Jarek,
  I'd like to have a copy of that script. I have an automated build system
triggered by CVS (based on buildbot) which has been building for quite a
while. However, it has gone out of sync since the new changes to mono
(GAC and friends). When working, it gives us all features of tinderbox
(web interface, "swim lanes" for all build targets, triggered builds,
build dependencies, blame list, IRC bot etc.). I'd love to bring it into
action again based on your script.


> Hi Jarek,
> Would you be able to post the actual script you run ?  I'm sure others
> would find it useful.
> Ian
> Jaroslaw Kowalski wrote:
>>Hi guys!
>>I really dream of a tinderbox-like automated build system that would
>> detect
>>non-buildable CVSes early. Today I've encountered 3 separate issues that
>>prevented "make bootstrap" from running correctly.
>>With repeatability in mind I've developed a clean and repeatable mono
>>rebuild script:
>>0. Backup the entire mono tree (/opt/mono in my case)
>>1. cvsclean of "mcs" and "mono" modules - this gets rid of every
>>file/directory not in CVS
>>2. cvs update
>>3. (cd mono && make bootstrap && make install)
>>4. (cd mcs && cvsclean . && make install) - to make sure the new setup is
>>able to recompile itself when installed
>>In case of a failure I restore everything from a backup copy. On success
>> I
>>zip the entire mono setup as "last-known-good" configuration that I can
>>return to.
>>This guarantees that I have a repeatable and dependable build. I usually
>> run
>>this as a cron job on my Fedora Core 1 machine that is 99% idle and can
>> do
>>this task easily.
>>If anyone is interested I can send you a notification + a build log on
>> each
>>failure and then again on each "fixed" build.

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