[Mono-devel-list] Patching mod_mono to provide ASP.NET supportfor an entire virtual host on Apache 1.3.28

Christopher McGinnis christopherm at neopets.com
Fri May 14 02:38:39 EDT 2004

I have attached the patch that I made as "mod_mono.c.diff". 
Below is my a portion of my httpd.conf

LoadModule              mono_module        libexec/libmod_mono.so

<VirtualHost *>
     AddHandler mono .aspx .ascx .asax .ashx .config .cs .asmx
     MonoUnixSocket          "/tmp/mod_mono_server"
     MonoRunXSP              True
     MonoExecutablePath      "/usr/local/bin/mono"
     MonoServerPath          "/usr/local/bin/mod-mono-server.exe"
     MonoWapiDir             "/tmp"
     MonoDocumentrootDir     "/var/http"
     MonoApplications        "/:/var/http"
     # Rest of virtualhost settings go here

I am using mod_mono to provide web services for an alpha test I am
conducting on a new feature for our site and so far everything has performed
very well.  It has been serving roughly 500 - 1000 requests per second.
Tomorrow we are going to try to push that number up by using a our new
connection pooling class since the OracleConnection class does not yet
support that.

Thanks for all your hard work.  You have made my job much more exciting!

Christopher McGinnis
Neopets Inc.

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El jue, 13-05-2004 a las 08:31, Christopher McGinnis escribió:
> After compiling mod_mono and configuring it to server ASP.NET pages 
> for a complete virtual host I found that Apache would no longer server 
> any web pages (including ASP.NET). Serving ASP.NET pages in a 
> virtual/alias'd directory, however, worked just fine.
> My "MonoApplications" line read as follows:
> 	MonoApplications    "/:/var/http"
> After going through the mod_mono source I found that I could not tell 
> mod-mono-server.exe what I wanted the "--root" parameter to be.
> NOTE: "mod-mono-server.exe --help" lists "MonoServerRootDir" as being 
> a paramter that can be set in httpd.conf however mod_mono does not support
> I went ahead and modified the source to allow "MonoServerRootDir" to 
> be set in httpd.conf.  After that I was able to server ASP.NET pages 
> for whole virtual host (e.g. http://www.somedomain.com/index.aspx).

Can you please send the file as an attachment and using diff -u?
Thanks in advance.


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