[Mono-devel-list] Beta 1 Solaris 8 Build Issue

Sandy Dunlop sandy at sorn.net
Fri May 14 02:09:30 EDT 2004

On Monday 10 May 2004 19:37, Chris Alton wrote:
> Interesting. I was talking to Bernie Solomon about this issue too and we
> were looking at the libraries it was referencing and it seems that the
> -lsockets has the functions in it as well. Do you think that since both
> xnet and sockets are being used that they could be conflicting in some way?
> I tried this with both GCC 3.3.1 and the Sun ld and then with GCC 3.4.0 and
> the GNU ld. They both gave me the same error. Did you do anything unusual
> when you compiled?

I checked with the nm command, and you're right. libxnet.so and libsocket.so 
both contain definitions of the same functions, so they probably would 
conflict with eachother.

I used this command to have a look at what was defined in libsocket.so
	nm -gh libsocket.so | grep -v UNDEF | less


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