[Mono-devel-list] implicit bootstrap from a zip/gz file?

Rafael Ferreira Rafael.Ferreira at apollogrp.edu
Mon May 10 14:25:07 EDT 2004

I see that it is a simple problem to solve, but the idea here is for it to
be transparent to the end user. So they don't have to understand/know that
the file they got is a compressed archive. It would not make much sense to
develop something like that unless it was part of the runtime engine. 

- raf 

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Why don't you create an utility script to do it?

along the lines of

cd /tmp
tar -zxf $1.tar.gz
cd $1
mono $1.exe

just an idea...

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>From: Rafael Ferreira <Rafael.Ferreira at apollogrp.edu>
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>Subject: RE: [Mono-devel-list] implicit bootstrap from a zip/gz file?
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>I agree with your point that metadata in the jar is kinda redundant once 
>have the .net attributes, but as far as just packaging an app for 
>I think that the ability of running the entire up without explicitly having
>to untar the package is really nice. It is nice to know that .net 2.0 will
>kinda address the issue, but you still will need 1 .exe and 1.dll file to
>deploy an app, it would be nice to abstract that from the end user so they
>would only see 1 file and maybe go even further and allow for bootstrapping
>compressed files by implicitly decompress the package and then running it.
>And I agree with you the whole jar/war/sar thing is extremely nice in the
>webapp arena.
>- rafael
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>Subject: RE: [Mono-devel-list] implicit bootstrap from a zip/gz file?
> >From: Rafael Ferreira <Rafael.Ferreira at apollogrp.edu>
> >
> >Hey everyone,
>Hi Rafael, and list
> >Has anyone thought about adding an implicit tar "de-archive" to mono.exe 
> >allow things like:
> >
> >mono -tar blah.tar.Myclass
>I've thought a bit about it, but didn't found much need for such a thing
>generally speaking. But as I had the need to teach about Apache Tomcat
>WebApps (.war files), now I surely apreciate the fact of being able to
>deliver a 'canned' package and just drop it in the right directory for
> >So the main() method in myclass gets bootstrapped? YES, this is the same 
> >java jar files...
>Common .jar files that are just packaged classes and resources, doesn't add
>much to what we have in the CLI assemblies format. Also lots of meta-data
>can be added to them through .NET Attributes, that do part of what the
>war/ear strutured archives formats achieve.
> >I understand that you can add resource files to a dll/exe but I'm not 
> >it that allows for a single dll to contain everything an application 
> >This would be extra nice for web applications where you can bundle up all
> >aspx/dll/png files.
>Well, in the upcoming ASP.NET 2.0, they are inserting in the pipeline an
>resource extractor so that things like bitmaps can reside in the assembly
>and will be automatically extracted with the right url(for the benefit of
>img tags or image controls, for example). And yes pages can get precompiled
>and have the source omitted from distribution, also. But I don't see the
>problem in having a two-stage install-step (copy tar.gz to parent directory
>and unpack), anyway in addition one will need to configure the virtual
>directory/application information in the web server...
>This whole "drop packed-file and run" experience in truth seems more
>appropriate to reside in the web server/web engine/application server as it
>happens with Tomcat/JBoss...
> >  - Rafael
>Best regards,

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