[Mono-devel-list] Re: Mono on MAC OS X.

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Fri May 7 10:14:42 EDT 2004

On 05/07/04 Zdravko Tashev wrote:
> GC configure:
> ./configure --enable-threads=pthreads --prefix=/__path_to_gc
> environment setings:
> export CFLAGS=-I/__path_to_gc
> export LDFLAGS=-L/__path_to_gc
> On a clean Mono CVS checkout this is how I configure mono:
> ./autogen.sh --prefix=/Users/ztashev/supp/mono_install --with-gc=boehm

Make sure it's really using the correct GC (otool -L path/to/mono should
display it). Maybe you also need to set your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.

> If I disable the GC (by : export GC_DONT_GC=1) it continues somewhat further
> and stops again.
> Am I doing something wrong in compiling Mono on MacOSX (as outlined above) ?

Doesn't look like so, but please check as above. You may also want to
compile without gc (--with-gc=none) and post results. Random falures
like that could well be related to the GC not being compiled correctly
(or the wrong GC being used).

> And are the problems I'm getting someting to be expected ?


> Will there be "official" Mono MacOSX binaries to compare with ?

Probably, with one of the next releases. Some people are preparing
packages, I guess they'll announce them when they are ready.


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