[Mono-devel-list] Operating System Support

Iain Jackson iain_thekillermunchkin at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 7 08:53:50 EDT 2004

Sorry, when I meant runtime library I should have meant the mono class
library (thinking too much about Java). Since I would hope to reuse a great
deal of the Managed code you've developed for mono.

I know the System.Threading, System.Net, and System.IO namespaces are going
to require OS assistance. And cairo/winelib are used for the System.Drawing
and System.Windows.Forms but these two are not really important at this

Is there any other namespaces/assemblies that have dependencies I should
look into?


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> On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 19:06, Iain Jackson wrote:
> > I'm currently in the design stage for an operating
> > system purely designed for running .NET Managed
> > applications and releasing it under the LGPL.
> <snip/>
> > What dependencies do you have on OS support is
> > required for basic running on Console applications on
> > the mono runtime library. I'm just looking at the
> > priorities for developing a working platform.
> Lots of dependencies.  This won't be an easy project.
> For starters, you need most everything specified in Mono's configure.in,
> which includes:
> libc
> glib 2.0
> gmodule 2.0
> Boehm GC (optional, if you can live without a GC)
> pthreads
> ICU (optional)
> There were also some checks for sockets and gethostbyname(); I imagine
> those are required, but I'm not entirely sure.
> It may be possible to modify the source to further limit the
> dependencies (remove pthreads?), but AFAIK libc (on Unix), glib, and
> gmodule are hard requirements.
>  - Jon

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