[Mono-devel-list] System.Data.OracleClient

Jörg Rosenkranz joergr at voelcker.com
Thu May 6 10:00:14 EDT 2004

Hello Eduard,

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> Eduard Nesiba
> this patch implements some changes to System.Data.OracleClient
> - autocommit behavior for non query statement  which is out of 
> transaction. In previous implementation changed rows stayed 
> locked until 
> client disconnect.

Does System.Data.OracleClient under MS.NET behave the same way?

> - statement char set conversion

Please do not convert back to Encoding.Default. The encoding 
Oracle uses is defined by the environment variable NLS_LANG.
Encoding.Default requires this variable to be set to the right encoding
for the current system. Using the current implementation you 
simply set

and character conversion works regardless of the encoding the
local system uses. If we want a really clean implementation we have
to choose the encoding for statements and results according to NLS_LANG.


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